Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mommy and Haidan's first Road-trip!!!

Wednesday July 11th (also Haidan's two month birthday!! INSANE right?) we drove all the way (3 hours) to Peterborough to visit my Grandparents and Gramma, Haidan's Great-Grandparents. I was super excited because he is the first Great-Grandchild on both sides of my family (even though I'm the youngest on both sides... hmm?) and this is the first time all of them will see him in real life form! 
 Haidan's two month comparison. This was his first onesie after his first bath at about 14hrs old...and 2 months old
 Happy Two Month Birthday Bubba!

The trip usually takes 3-3.5 hours and on the way there we had a great drive! Haidan slept 2hrs then we stopped for an hour to feed and stretch, then continued on our way. Total drive time = 4hrs. This shot is in the car at our first stop. Happy little clam!

 First time meeting Grannie (my moms mom)

 Haidan and his Great Grandpa. He really loved the new face and voice!

 Standing for GG
 Our first night was a huge success. I wish I could take this bed home with me! We both slept soo well, Haidan even slept on his own in the bed for an hour after I woke up!!! Isn't this a cute shot!

 Then Haidan met my Gramma (my dads mom) 
 I think he likes how old people decorate, lots of shit on the walls and wall paper etc. Great stuff to examine!

Looks like he has a mohawk! Just a little babe in a biiig bed.

On our way home was a complete disaster. To make a really long, upsetting story short... Haidan cried every hour and screamed and we had to stop and it took 6hrs to get home. I've never heard a shrill cry so god aweful and it made me cry too :(
I give myself credit for trying a solo car trip, but must admit that I wont be trying it again any time soon!

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