Sunday, April 14, 2013

H-Babe in his crib.

Haidan sleeps in his crib. Don't ask me how I managed to do it but it's done. I miss him dearly, his warm and soft little body beside mine. Now I'm stuck, alone, with a big warm soft body instead :)
I have the best mother in the whole wide world who, if it weren't for her help and strength, trained both H-babe and I to sleep in our own bed and room. Now that we finally have a room for him to sleep in, it only made sense that it was time to start him being a big boy in his own room. It was hard, and I think it probably contributed to a lot of the tears that were happening before we moved last weekend, but I am totally thankful that it's happened. I haven't slept 6 hrs, even 8 hrs straight in 11 months (or more if you count the end of pregnancy when you get up to pee every hour or can't get comfortable, or some little baby is kicking you in the ribs), let me tell you, it feels SUPER weird. I almost feel like I'm over sleeping. You know when you sleep like 10 hours and are like "Well I really didn't need that much sleep and now I'm yawning all day long" yeah, that's where I'm at. My body is slowly getting used to it though (it probably doesn't help that I have a video monitor so when I roll over in bed I can check out the babe sleeping like a champ) and I know in a few months I'll love it! I feel refreshed and have more energy (without sugar's help) that's for sure!
So let me share how this all went down:

  • On Saturday when we moved my mom stayed over night and showed me the ropes. We did bath, book (facing out, not against her/my chest) sang some book songs quietly, and bed. Of course he cried because he wasn't happy about being alone in an echoing bedroom, so we checked on him after 2 minutes.
  • As he stood at the railing we gave him a little hug, Shh-ed in his ear and said "Shh Shh, sleepy sleepy" and layed him down to rest. Of course he stood right back up as we were walking out and started to cry again. (This is where for the first two days I would burst into tears because I am a huge wimp now that I'm a mom. I'd start the stop watch on my phone and wait ever so anxiously for it to hit the 4 minute mark.) If he cried consistently for 4 minutes we went back in and did the same thing.
  • Night number one he woke up probably 4 times that we actually went after 5 minutes of consistent crying in to give him a hug and calm him down. This eventually got to be less and less and now he sleeps on his own through the night.
  • Day two: I am completely exhausted because I couldn't sleep knowing he was upset in his bed alone and scared and thinking I wasn't going to come back... (ok, I'm exaggerating and he was totally fine) he was tired and moody, but that was to be expected because we were in a new place and he didn't get much sleep. By the night time it took about 30 minutes to fall asleep (we checked on him 3 times) (we started using the noise maker on the rain setting and the video monitor)
  • Day three: I'm moody and still very tired. It takes 10 minutes for him to fall asleep. But he's sitting up and when he nods off to sleep he bonks his head. My mom sneeks in and moves him, he's asleep for the night. ("They" say it takes 3 days to break a bad habit. Consider this habit broken. Minus the sleeping sitting upright)
  • Day four: I do the whole routine 100% by myself and sleep in my own bed (I was sharing the bed with my mom like a baby, because it is right next to babe's room). He sleeps through the night with only 10 minutes of on and off crying.
Let me say, I 100% do not feel comfortable with the cry it out method. When my mom was doing the routine the first two nights I was pissed off and upset and was like " OK cool so now my happy baby is going to be traumatized and upset and hate me forever and be scared of the dark. GREAT!" But now I understand that he just wasn't happy 1)not being attached to my boob. 2)not sleeping right beside me (and being warm between W and I) 3)being in an echoing room (we're working on fixing that) 4) putting himself to sleep lying down 5)not being on the boob... oh wait.
So maybe when he's older I will have to deal with him being scared of the dark, or being scared to be without me, or something like all the horrible things I'm imagining... but no one knows what will actually happen until that time comes. 
My mom. I cannot thank her enough, give her a big enough gift, repay her enough, say how grateful i am... She did remind me though, that I am HER baby, and when I cry she feels the heart strings tugging just like I do when H-babe cries. So I guess this means that when H and his future wife have a baby that won't sleep alone... I get to help!! (And help I will!) She is the best, I am so thankful that she is my mom, and I hope that I can live to fill her shoes!

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