Friday, April 12, 2013

The HylariBerry Move 2013

Well we've gone and done it. Moved into a much bigger house, with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. Basement, real kitchen, living room, a real adult house. 
Moving is for SURE not the same as it used to be now that H is here. I used to move into a new place, clean it, then start unpacking and painting and before the weekend was over it would feel like home. This time it's a little different, and a little harder. For starters our stuff was thrown into garbage bags. Then we couldn't really unpack because there was still some of W's mom's things there (we switched homes with her, what a great gift!!). Then there was the whole baby thing, he was so excited to be in a big space to crawl and walk around in I was running around him picking up all the un-safe and breakable things in his path.
Already we've painted a LOT. (by we I mean W. I haven't touched a paint brush... but I'm doing the baby thing so that counts for something right? YEAH) I unpacked our clothes into the new huge closet. HUGE. And H's room is set up, but not decorated in very much because I don't have the furniture pieces we need yet. And now W is doing the kitchen. I mean this man, I'm SO lucky to have him, he primed and painted the whole basement in one night. Then primed and painted the front hall way and stair way in one day. Now he's priming, painting the cupboards and putting a butcher block wood instead of the current counter top. HOLY BATMAN! All that is left so far is the spare bedroom paint and our bedroom paint (we have to pick out the colours still... no rush really).
 Green basement aka daycare room. Can't WAIT to decorate it!

Top left: H's sweet yellow room, spare bedroom that needs paint.
Bottom left: our huge (packed still) closet that we have SO much space in, and our bedroom. It's a weird shape so I couldn't get the whole room in, but it's huge and sweet and we might put a chair in here. And paint...

(P.S I didn't mention that decorating is another love/hate relationship for me. I have really great ideas but actually finding the pieces or knowing what to do with them when I find them is TOTALLY different. I wish my pinterest boards would just come to life in my house. Ahck)

I can't wait to share more before and after photos. I seriously am so thankful to be here. It's like a breath of fresh air. Literately because we aren't down-town it's fresher air! And there's a park like 5 min walking. AND two great joe fresh's within a 10 minute drive. I can't wait for nice weather!!!

Another note: H is sleeping in his crib, in his own room, which is another huge huge huge step in our lives. I have slept with him every day of his 11 month life, I miss him but it really is for the best. I sware he's grown just in the week we've been here! Starting at 7:30pm (because it's still light out) we have a bath, read 3 books in our bed, then he's in his crib and I go in to check on him if he's really upset. Here's a funny picture of our video monitor, he falls asleep sitting up, which I'm sure has some issues but I'm hoping he will eventually learn that it feels better to be flat on his back to sleep... He sometimes wakes up at night and sits up and then bonks his head on the side rails so I go in and lie him down again. Silly boy. 
This is him in the left bottom corner you can see his head, facing the wall, sitting up, fully asleep. 

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