Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April showers brings May flowers...

Saturday April 28th was my shower, thrown by my beautiful friend Megan, sooo like the title says "April showers brings May flowers" aka babies! I had SO much fun helping plan the shower, getting a million blue candies to give as gifts and then seeing some of my most cherished friends that I hadn't seen in a while! I think it's funny when you don't see a friend for a few months and you live in the same city, it seems silly to not see them more often! Life happens and people get busy and that's how it goes, so my self note for the day was "Make more time for friends!"
Let's get on to the more fun and important things, like cake and candies and cute little onesies and diapers!! We had originally gotten a giant costco cake because I LOVE their cakes and mostly wanted the left overs for myself, but there ended up not being enough people to eat it, and too many delicious treats to bother opening it. So being the money saver I am (and concious of how big my bum would grow if I kept the whole cake for myself) I returned the cake later that day! I'm silly, I know, but I make myself laugh and that's important!
Here's the table of treats, let me tell you about the lemon blueberry cupcakes that were SO scrumptious almost everyone had at least two! I also took some home and wish I took the whole case... home made by Amanda!

 Wayne and I before the shower began with the candy gifts. He promptly ran out after this picture, for fear of all the girls ha.
 BEAUTIFUL and huge diaper cake from Jen... So huge I couldn't believe it! And home made with a 10 month old kickin around her house... talk about super mom!
 THIS cake... also home made by my fellow E.C.E class mate Amanda, in this wonder there was all kinds of treats hidden! What more could you ask for!
 A million diapers, onesies and hats at the bottom, soothers and rattles and teethers and shampoo etc and one big cute giraffe stuffie on top! WOWZA!

Cute little onesie! Behind me you can see the BEAUTIFUL hand painted growth chart that Melissa made... she's so talented and I am SO so grateful for her skill because I would never be able to create something so amazing!

 Showing off some belly tricks haha
Melissa won the belly measuring contest! I don't know how she did it but she was exactly right on!

Sandy and Amanda playing the good ol game of "smell the diaper poo" that's really melted chocolate! Yummm ladies!

 Jess loving the belly! 
Fun toys for all ages right?

I am soo fortunate to have such lovely and creative friends and also to have my mom attend the shower as well! It was great timing for her to be moving things into her new apartment in the city, she also got to embarrass me in front of friends ha!

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