Thursday, May 10, 2012

The start of my birth story?!

This might be super early BUT all week I've been saying "oh yeah only two more weeks left! But no no noo I don't feel any different, so I think this little fella will be late". That being said I had my 38 week 4 day doctors appointment today and he checked my cooter out and said "Oh yeah you're about 2cm dilated" and proceeded to poke around (quite harshly I might add.. that took me for surprise that's for sure!) and said he expects me to be earlier than my due date and would be surprised if I made it to my next appointment (next Thursday). SAAYYY WHAAAAAAT? My goodness man, clearly he has no filter because he certainly did jab around down there! With my INSANE lower back pain that has been crippling me this past week, and him jabbing around, I was left extremely sore. Now docs always say after an internal exam that there might be some bleeding, but by the time I got the Ikea boxes (for extra diaper storage) and some super maxi pads and a waterproof sheet from Walmart... I was leaking some blood and since 1:30pm today have been also leaking some fluid. No gushes of anything, but definite cramping and leakage of sorts... TMI right? TOO BAD YOU ALREADY READ IT :D

I figured I should start writing about what I've been feeling since this might be the last actual peaceful time I have in the next few days. I wanted to give a shout out to the ladies at the La Leche League meetings that I attended on Monday and Tuesday this week, because if it weren't for them and their open-ness to sharing amazing advice I would probably be SO much more scared than I am now. I also got the chance to see some UBER adorable babies that were like 4 and 5 weeks old... they were soo precious!

Here goes the start of what might be my labour story:

At about 1:30pm I started feeling some cramping that felt like period cramps, that I've had before but it always ended up being that I had to pee or... well number 2. I went to the bathroom and saw that I had leaked a bit of fluid and blood and got nervous. So what every nervous girl does, I called my mom and explained everything to her, she said keep watching the undies and the clock for when the cramps came. I figured to pass the time I would watch criminal minds, and sew some pants and Wayne's shorts that needed to be repaired. Then I rested, attempted to nap but the cramps weren't letting me fall deep enough asleep to feel good. Ellen was next on tv so I wrote her an email and watched Nicki Minaj with her ta-ta-titties out on tv! My mom requested that I measure my belly and boobs (for a bet that we had at Christmas, and for my "before" and "after" measurements) so I snapped a photo, not good ones but here they are...

And this one is yesterday's try on of the maternity romper that I bought... SO much tighter than I anticipated, good thing this babe will be here any day and soon I will look like a normal lady wearing it! What do we think? Flowered romper? Yes yes? 

It's now 5pm and I have for-sure-there cramps, but not close enough for me to time or watch the clock religiously so I'm just hanging out! It's too bad that the lower back pain is SO intense that I can't hardly walk, because I'd love to be out in the cool wind right about now. Not to mention that the dishwasher needs to be emptied, but that much bending and lifting is out of the question and just not worth it... sorry Wayne it's on you now pal :) I don't think that is even a TAD out of the ordinary for me to be suddenly worried about all the things I need to do/get done before the baby arrives. shit eh... well what can ya do!?

My story shall continue as it gets more exciting, keep posted friends :)

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  1. Aw I loved reading your birth stories thanks for sharing