Wednesday, May 2, 2012

20 DAYS the countdown begins. Time for a catch up!

Hi friends! Don't you worry, I didn't forget about y'all out there reading (all 10 of you? ha) I have been awaiting pictures from my shower! Here starts the catch up... AND the biggest count down of life! This Sunday marked 37 weeks and today (Wednesday) means that I only have 18 DAYS LEFT! (give or take a few, we'll see how he feels in there)
I really can't believe that it's less than a month away... now that I've talked about how I want to get him out, I'm starting to take it back! I hope that he says in there and gets nice and fat!
Big ol belly right? This is my shower outfit also :) I'm glad I didn't jump gung-ho into the maternity store shopping because most of what I own now isn't maternity at all! This is from a teeny-bopper store Sirens that I got for $20! Here are the shower contenders...

My week: Monday I got some crafety items to make the mobile and did some running around with paper work and blood/urine tests. Time sure does fly, yesterday my friend Alex and I took a trip to good ol Ikea and got some last minute baby things, and I also finished the mobile I've been working on. I got the inspiration from Pinterest and I love the way it turned out! Hopefully he doesn't get any sneaky ideas to pull the balls off but, knowing babies he eventually will! Check it!
I had to work on it at the front door because it was the only spot I could hang the net and reach the top. Below is the picture of it hung in it's spot. Boy oh boy I hope he doesn't rip them off!
After all the hard work hanging those balls I woke up last night with the WORST leg cramp ever! I had one of those crazy pregnant dreams about something to do with my leg and thought that I broke it, I woke up sitting up in bed when Wayne asked if I was ok... It still hurts to this minute, but I feel fortunate to have only just gotten pains like this now! I know lots of women complain of leg cramps all throughout their pregnancy, so 37 weeks I can feel lucky! I did a lot of organizational work yesterday (because it was yucky and rainy and we all know how I feel about those days) after going to Ikea, check out the baby closet!
That is the diaper/wipe area at the top, the large hanger has some winter clothes, bath time items and bed sheets, eating items, little toys and random things, and the small hanger has extra diapers from the two diaper cakes that I got at my shower (stay tuned for those pics) and my scarves! This is the only space we have available for this little babe, as we live in a one bedroom condo. Fortunately I am able to find areas that can store all these little items... I dread the day I run out of space (because that will happen soon and FAST!). For now our babe's clothes are in a plastic bin in our closet (I don't like dressers, they're so big and chunky, not space saving at all!) and maybe once we move and he gets his own room we will have some where a little more appealing to store his things. A girl's gotta make due with what she's got right?!
I am so in love with this picture, I think it looks just like me and is 10000% not me, what could be better?! Isn't she so beautiful! That's how I feel :)

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