Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 1 Week 2

I don't really like this whole work out to be skinny thing. It kind of really isn't fun, and is hard, and kinda makes a bitch out of me. I mean, who really WANTS to workout all the damn time and sweat and never wear make up or have your hair done nice (because I quite frankly don't have time for that anymore...) and then not reward all your hard work with a cupcake or ice cream or chocolate? People actually enjoy this? OH wait, I used to be one of those people. 
 Thats the 22 flights of stairs I'm back to doing every other day after the gym... gurrrr

Don't get me wrong I have always loved cake and ice cream and sweets of any sort, but I used to really love working out and being active. What's changed? ME... my life, my priorities, my stamina, etc etc amen. I remember the good ol days when I worked for GoodLife at night (5pm-12pm) and I had all day to sleep in a little, work out for 2-3 hours doing a little cardio, a class, some weights, whatever I felt like! I felt SO good about myself and didn't see it as "working out", but more as "going to the gym to see my friends". Then when I started working at lululemon my love for fitness fit right in! AND I got to go to MORE classes and expand my fitness horizon. Now I just don't have hours on end to go and do fun things at the gym. I know what you're thinking: "Stephanie, you need to start making time for yourself you know" but it's not that easy!
One of my new years resolutions was to stop complaining. So this isn't a complaint but just an observation. Life isn't the same, and thank goodness it isn't, because now I have a wonderful (sick, sleepy, cranky) perfect little baby who thinks I'm the coolest thing in the whole wide world. THAT is pretty great! 
Ok now back to "going to the gym".....

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  1. I love how committed you to getting back into your fitness routine and honestly you help motivate me to get back out there too!