Sunday, March 31, 2013

Running: a love/hate relationship

I enjoy running. I feel good while I do it, I feel good after I do it... I feel good talking about it. BUT I also hate the pains associated with it, and actually getting out and going for a nice long one. So that's that. The end.
Just kidding!
Now that I'm all old and motherly, I've learned that running with a mom-body is a little different than it used to be. First off, I really have to make sure my boobs are locked and loaded and ready to roll... ahem, run. Then there's all the new and super jiggly bits that I'm getting used to (and hoping they disappear asap). I have found though that there are some serious plus-sides and not-so-fun-sides to running. I made this list up yesterday while running ALONE for the first time since H-babe was born (almost a year ago... YIKES!)

Love running:

  • putting on your favourite lululemon running gear and KNOWING you look just so fabulous!
  • you feel SO good when you first start and you don't feel out of breath at all
  • your body just does it naturally and you get into a sweet rythm
  • when you pass people and feel 100x more confident in your abilities
  • when you run with a stroller, you just know people going opposite you are all like "WHOA look at that momma go!" and you've inspired them to go faster/further
  • the sunshine on your face (an obvious one)
  • when you set a goal spot in your head to stop for your first break and then you reach it and are able to go further
  • when other people smile/nod/wave as you pass
  • you make it WAY further than you thought you could 
  • you add some hill training onto the end because its a beautiful day and nothing can stop you now!
  • when you realize you've been running without music (then remind yourself to get some running tunes pronto)
not-so-much-love running:
  • it's spring, so you know that smell of manure... it's actually melting dog shit that no one picked up... that is now getting all over your shoes and back of your legs along with all the dirt on the path too.
  • when you get a cramp and can't fix it
  • when you can feel your bum jiggle more than your boobs (which aren't jiggling because they're so well locked into spot)
  • you forget to bring water because you're not with your well packed stroller
  • when people older than you pass you (but they're super fit so don't feel too ashamed)
  • you are forced to run though a yucky looking puddle
  • birds are following you and getting WAY too close for comfort
  • when you don't have a running buddy to chat with on your 1 minute walking breaks
On another note I am super sore and loving it.I wanted to add that I have completed a marathon, half-marathon, 5km, and 2 triathlons, but this summer will be my FIRST half-marathon with one super cute baby (and his daddy) cheering me on, and I seriously cannot wait! I hope he has good memories of when I run races and do triathlons, I know I have a lot of good memories of cheering my mom on. When I was old enough I also volunteered at races she was completing, and LOVED it. I hope H man follows in my footsteps!

 My 2010 Triathlons

My mom and I 2011 Ottawa Race Weekend Half marathon.

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