Friday, April 27, 2012

TGIF it's a big day tomorrow!

My dear friends I'm telling you this... I hate this yucky weather. I really am trying to do some fun stuff despite the shit weather but it's just so gloomy and cold. What makes things more fun is that I really don't know how to dress this bump when it's cold (but I'm usually hot), it's windy (but no coats fit), and its rainy (but my rain boots don't fit either...). I'll admit that this week my "maternity fashion" (hint: any kind of cute style at this point) has gone out the window with the wind! I've stuck to my comfy $12 walmart pants, a good ol lululemon power y, and some sort of sweatshirt/wrap/warm layer. Here I introduce the amazing-ness of the fold over pant. These are comfortable cotton fold over pants that I also got in tights. On the left you see them folder (going under the belly but still able to cover the bum), and on the right is the over the belly thing that works well when you're wearing tight layers on top (does the sucking and smoothing bit we all love).

I did treat myself to a pedicure and a little spray tan action (organic of course) in prep for my shower, now I look like I just got home from a month in mexico ha but it's all good in the name of beauty! 
Haha I like the one on the right because not only does it look like I have nudie boobies but also because I look half black. After you get a spray tan you have to wait 6-8 hours then shower off the extra stuff... that pic was before my showering off bit... the one on the left is what I actually look like now. Sweet tan lines eh? And noo skin cancer! A+

The really great news is the my lovely Wayne is finally home, which means any time after Saturday (my baby shower) this babe can come out any time he likes! I did have a doctors appointment this week though, and my belly is measuring a mere 34... for all you non-preggers readers, usually you're belly size matches the weeks you are (ie. I am currently 36 weeks so I should measure 36) Which means that if I am actually two weeks behind, this little Hylariberry might just be a June baby after all. When I first found out I was pregnant I figured that I would be due closer to June, because I had started some anti-biotics for a lovely 4 week bronchitis spout that I was fighting. Low and behold I was pregnant a few weeks later! I guess instead of wishing this babe would come asap I should let him grow and be huge... I guess! 

Also exciting (maybe only for me) I had my first real rough work out, and felt great! Usually when I try to do a long walk with bossy boy I end up having to pee 10-15 minutes in... so I had the thought, "DUH I should walk on the tredmill so that if I have to pee I can press pause and go for it!" boy oh boy as if I never thought of this before! I did a good 30 minute walk, 5 minute up hill walk, arms and some serious squats... OH and I managed 5 flights of stairs (of a potential 22 that I have up to my condo). I feel pretty darn great about that and will have to keep up the trying (on days when my lower back isn't hurting) and hope that I don't get some hella growing stretch marks. 

Check out that intensity!
Stay tuned for baby shower photos!! I'm SO excited and can't wait to see all my lovely friends!!

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