Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby baby baby OHH

Yep, I did it. I quoted Justin Beiber on my third post... PLEASE don't stop reading or judge me hardcore for being silly ok? 
OK great.
Now onto me finding out I was pregnant!!! BAAHHH
It was September 21st 2011 and Wayne was gone on a work trip, knowing that I hadn't gotten my dear friend t.o.m yet... but not worried cause you know sometime's t.o.m is late right? So it was a Wednesday and I don't remember why but I was super nervous/excited/confused about not getting it yet so I called my mom (cause that's what every girl should do right?) and asked her. She said "well if you're pregnant now, you'll still be pregnant when Wayne gets home. You might as well take a test and put your mind at ease." BEST ADVISE EVER MOM! I took a test the next morning and it said "Pregnant" so I thought about how maybe it was because it was in the morning (don't ask why?) so I did it again that night and it still said pregnant. After shitting my pants a little I called my mom and told her the good news. She of course was ECSTATIC and I told my dad and step-mom Pat and they were excited too. Finally I figured out that I should probably tell Wayne before he gets home just in case... He said "Oh, ok" which is totally the type of thing he would say in a situation like that, which is a reason why I love him so. 
Now, to complicate things a little... I had just started a new job at the start of September so that fine September day I had to walk into work and NOT be jumping all over the place and screaming and giggling with excitement. Which sucked. But I did it.

 On one very foggy day, the day I found out the biggest news of my life!
 OHH boy!
The note I left for Wayne for when he got home from his trip... and some presents for us too :)
Here is our first viewing of little baby HylariBerry at 11 weeks. Let me tell you, it's the MOST insane and amazing thing you will ever witness... hands down.
Here is 13 weeks. The funny thing is, at this point I felt SO fat and huge and gross because the bump wasn't fully there, but I was starting to gain weight. This is something other pregnant people don't typically tell you: Until you have a legit bump, you feel like a nasty whale. Now I look at this picture and am all like, damn girl you look so great!! I can't wait to see what I look like after...

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