Friday, April 20, 2012

Bigger belly things

Eating right: We all know that what you eat this probably the most important thing to focus on when you're pregnant, but being a pretty healthy eater already I didn't feel the need to change anything in my diet just yet. So instead of focusing on getting enough meat, veggies, and whole wheat yummy goods I let myself enjoy the smaller chocolate-ier things that I'd been missing! Obviously this needs to happen in moderation but hey, I'm creating a human... I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to have a little bit of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, or a few thousand Reece's pieces! (P.s side note did you know that you're only actually meant to have about 200-300 extra calories while pregnant... so that whole eating for two thing is just in our dreams, our candy land dreams!) Apples and peanut butter have been the treat I basically live off of, because it's a little bit healthy and a lot bit delicious (I also don't feel as guilty eating a spoon full of peanut butter, than 3 Reece's pieces cups...)Let me tell you about the days when all I can think about is how delicious chocolate, ice cream, gummy candies, chips, cakes, pies... all that junk would takes. Better to think than to act or else your bumm is bigger than your belly before you know it. It's death by hormones!
What's been really fun since I've been off work is learning to cook (aka mostly using the slow cooker!) Wayne bought a $30 cook book that at the time I almost shit my pants when I saw the price, but it turned out to be a book full of yummies! For those of you who don't know me, I HATE cooking. I love to eat yummy foods but for whatever reason, mixing things together and waiting around while it cooks just isn't my thing. I love to make salads full of chunky veggies (cause it's easy to chop and eat) and I can make some mean pasta or toast, grilled cheese, or a ham sandwich... but that was pretty much the extent of my cooking abilities. Wayne has been VERY impressed with my new skills and I've even ventured out to baking (don't give me a pat on the back yet though because it's mostly "Just add water" mixes ha!).
(Wayne chopping onions, obviously sunglasses were the best thing to keep from having his eyes burn ha)

Excersize: We all know (or at least we should) that the warmer you keep your skin the fewer stretch marks you will have, which to me is bonus enough let alone the feel good endorphins you get from a good workout. I like to think that I've been active my whole life and can officially say that these last 9 months have been about the slowest of my life. I've learned that things are hard when you carry a giant belly and extra baby weight, so I have told myself that I never want to feel this way when I'm not growing a human... ever again!! I've heard some stories about women that are still running around and doing boot camp work outs, but to me that just seems crazy! I've been keeping it simple by walking, hitting up the elliptical, doing squats and arm weights, and most of all swimming! I can't justify doing things that hurt my body because I've already experienced enough lower back pain and hip joint discomfort that my new motto is "If it hurts me, it can wait" and that it will! Some days my lower back hurts so much that I can't go for a long walk with bossy, some days I could walk for hours and hours on end and not hurt at all. That's just how life is I guess! Feeling the extra weight for the first time in my life has also given me a huge kick in the pants as far as motivation to get every pound of baby off of my body asap as well. I'm all for growing healthy children but NOT for letting yourself stay in the "growing" stage. That being said I also know that I will be hella sleep deprived and that I won't want to do things right away but my momma always said "Just K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid!)".

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