Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rainy day paranoia and fun

I'm not sure about all my lovely readers out there, but in my beautiful city mother nature has had a bit of a confusion in what the weather for spring should be. It's been raining and nasty gross all day... really for the last 4 days. The also unfair thing about this weather and being pregnant is that my rain boots don't fit my swelling feet and legs. NOT cool. It makes getting around hard, but I'm K.I.S.S (keeping it simple stupid) which works best! Bossy is keeping me company, and basically never leaves my side... makes me worry that he senses me going into labour... paranoid?

Yesterday my dearest friend that has finally returned to Canada and I went shopping for some baby shower decos and treats... All those attending should be prepared for early diabetes because if you know me, you know I love my sugar treats! I've been trying my darnedest to not eat too many treats during my pregnancy to avoid this babe being addicted to sugar... but lets get real, it happens.
Yeah check those bad boys out!! I can't wait :D Not only was it cold and rainy but I also woke up to snow, yes, SNOW on APRIL 23rd. Wayne asked me why I was so upset about there being some wet snow and I said simply "It's April 23rd, I've been wearing sandals because that's all that fits... what happens now?"  What happens now is uggs and two besties facing the lovely (not) day and let me tell you, I was exhausted by the end! Watched the game later that night and fell asleep, only to wake to see that NY scored, jerks. Then we lost game 6, but that's totally ok because I'm not a hockey fan anyways! It was hard going to sleep alone in the house... like I said this is the first (and last) time I've been alone since being pregnant. I was very nervous that I was going to wake to broken water and then have no Wayne... it didn't happen thank goodness!
Today it was still yucky and rainy and so I snuggled in to some trashy tv by my self, and then visited my friend Jen and her 10 month old baby Kolton... check his cuteness out!
"Is that my new best friend? When's he coming out?"  (I think he likes the lace!) She (and two other friends who had babies in June) are probably the reason I am pregnant now... Wayne heard a lot of "I want a baby, everyone else is having a baby... we should have a baby too!" and we were going to wait until Jan-Feb 2012 to start "trying" but that didn't happen!

More fun things to do when you're bored and worried... find new apps to waist time on!
Check out my growing belly photos! These are only the ones that are nudie aka in my bathing suit haha cause I love seeing my ribs expand! I am way bigger now and every cramp or pain I get I worry about going into labour while Wayne is gone. I've been trying to avoid all things that include bending over and haven't been walking as much... I know, I know, paranoid right? I keep looking up things like what your mucus plug looks like, what it feels like when you're water breaks, tips for keeping calm during labor etc. which seems silly because I'm probably making myself more nervous/anxious. I've got a doctors appointment on Thursday and hopefully he can tell me more about where I am (those effacement percentages etc etc). For now we're growing growing growing (and suffering from more heart burn that ever!)...

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