Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's start at the very beginning...

It's a very good place to start after all! First I want to share that I am currently sitting on a bed with no sheets (thanks to stinky Wayne) smelling the farts of one very stinky bossy... great way to start things off here!
I figured I should start with a story of how everything began... the turn of my life that has given me some of the MOST fun and memorable times thus far. How I met my cohabitational partner Wayne... he likes to call me that instead of house-wife or wife or anything like that haha which I know will change one day. Here we go...

In December 2009 I was currently living in Ottawa in a one bedroom that was $859/month and had decided that it just wasn't what I wanted in life. I had broken up with a yucky boy only 4 months earlier and was making new friends, discovering who I was, starting to love myself, and figuring out what I wanted to do with life. My best friend Allison and I were going out every weekend (sometimes twice or three times in one weekend) to party and live the 20-something life style that Ottawa has to offer. It was our friend and co-worker Ashely's birthday and a week before I was planning on moving home (yes, to live in mom's basement) so we wanted to make the night memorable. My yucky ex had just FINALLY gotten the last of his crap out of the apartment and obviously that wasn't fun to deal with, so Allison called and said "I have a surprise for you, come over to get ready for Ashely's birthday and forget about yucky boys!" Only a few hours later, and  a good cry on my dear friend's shoulder I met him... Wayne was a friend of Allison's for about 3-4 years and she had YET to tell me about him (bitch, I know right? joking) and she said in my ear "Oh here's your surprise". Needless to say that night we had a TON of fun celebrating Ashley's birthday and dancing the night away. Wayne and I got to know each other and partied hard, and the next day we hung out with our fur-children (Bossy and my dog at the time Boomer... they were obviously best friends at first sniff). Wayne and I hung out only 3 times before I had to move home, which was good because we had both agreed that we didn't really want to be dating anyone. 
 So classy right?
 Group shot! Ashley, Chantel, Myself, Allison, and Wayne
 Yep... it happened.
NEEDLESS to say... a mere three weeks after being in my mom's basement Wayne asked me to come and visit and that if I liked staying with him that I could stay for longer. Having no job and living in my mom's basement I had no reason not to visit so I said YES! 
It is now more than two years later and we have lived together ever since that January 9th meeting in Toronto to "visit". We lived on and off with his mom in Stittsville (just outside of Ottawa) and now live in our beautiful condo downtown Ottawa.

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