Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome Welcome!

Hello big juicy world!!
This is the first, and let me tell you most confusing, post to my blog!! I'm SO excited to be sharing all the fun things I've been going through with this pregnancy and all of the maternity style tips I've gotten from other amazing women! 
First things first, I am not... repeat NOT tech savvy at ALL and have no clue what to do with this blog for layout or anything. I'm hoping that as I go I'll figure it out, as for now I let things be. If anyone has ideas or feedback PLEASE email them to me because I would love some insight on how this whole blogspot thing works! 
Second... I am pretty darn far into my pregnancy (35 weeks almost 9 months)... (aka I'd love for this babe to show up ANY day at the end of the month thanks) so I'll be posting all my fun info from past weeks/months within the next couple days and get  you guys all caught up on my life and experiences thus far. THEN we can start the fun stuff about where I'm finding great baby gear deals, my worries (and such things that will make you want to poke your eyes out), my excitement, funny stories, inspirational stories/pictures/junk, and my GOALS! Oh loardie my goals...

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