Thursday, April 19, 2012

Style that drives me wild (in a good way)

This will soon be "Shit I wore pregnant..." but for now, I will share my fashion/style inspirations. Mind you that it always is easy to be stylish when you're size zero and I don't have that option... I made due with what I could!
Things that pregnant ladies need to live on:

1. BELTS: I never thought I would wear a belt under my bosoms because it's never really looked right, but let me tell you that pregnancy is the right time! It makes even the smallest bump look amazing and instead of getting one slug looking front, you get separate boobs and belly. Even tops that are empire waisted don't compare to how cute things look with a little belt action.

 SO cute right? Boyfriend's shirt and a belt you're set for action...
 Nothing better than a little matchy matchy! LOVE the bright colours she's got on!Check her out!! She's been a real inspiration for style!!

 I also believe that pregnancy is a time where you can wear almost any set of colour together, no such thing as colours not looking good together. THIS is the time to get creative and not give a sh*t, soon you'll have a baby coming out of your cooter... that means you are BOSS.
 Ok ok... so I bought the exact sweater she is wearing... judge me for it! (It's the most comfortable thing EVER p.s)

 I think this was my 34 or 35 week photo shoot... check out that Bossy bum bonus on the side :)
 Patterned belts from other tops are also fun to match... 
Keeping the colour pallet simple is also just as cute.
 LOVE the colour pop on these ones!

2. Stripes. Now the hard part here is that you don't want to buy too much because you never know what will look good after the adorable bump is gone. I've gone with all different sizes of strips, the key is feeling good about them. I've learned that it's also fun to mix and match stripes if it works... (Helpful pointer here is also that little tiny people can go with big stripes and look amazing, my bum didn't look so hot in the bigger stripes so I stuck with a little smaller stripe if it was long enough to cover my butt!) 
 Mug shot, yes!

 If I could pull off yellow tights I TOTALLY would.

 Sailor strips are in EVERYWHERE and check out those boat shoes... us preggers can pull off a little nautical themed outfit too :)
 These pants will one day be on me, I love the basic colour top and amazing bright bottoms... one daay.
Hard to tell but these are small pink and grey strips with grey and white striped scarf. Matchy-matchy but not...

3. COMFORT! Holla sista yes I said it, I should have put this as number one but forgot Anywhoo being comfortable in what you're wearing is and should always be (pregnant or not) the most important thing. I've heard that when you feel comfortable in what you're wearing you are more confident, thus being happier and having more fun! I've included pictures that I just love because once I found the perfect pieces they ended up being the MO-comfortable ever. Button down plaid shirts are great with jeans (if they fit) or stretch pants and look ADORABLE with a belt. Also anything cotton (dresses, tops, tights etc) is key because it may stretch out by the end of the day, but it will wash and wear  super easy. Maxi dresses and skirts are not only fashionable for everyone but also another super comfortable thing to wear when pregnant. Pair it with a belt and you don't look as much like a whale or a moo-moo wearing lazy bum. Check it:
 Good ol lululemon power y and pants. GREAT for when you're feelin lazy... lets be real I live in this, you should know that about me.
 Again some lululemon with a nice bright top. 
 Stretch lululemon with a cardi over top. Let me tell you, I've been wearing stretch pants for SO long now that anything else on top looks great, no one looks at your ass (or at least I tell myself that) when you've got a giant cute belly! I also mixed and matched patterns (grey leopard and a beige leopard) it works!
 She looks so great, but you know she's just SO comfortable!
 Sparkle and a cardi... so easy to do!

 If you're skin can stretch, so can your clothes! I have bought VERY little maternity clothing (mainly because mat. stores are quite frumpy... you can find some goodies but I only went there for jeans) and have made the best of stretch, or one size-ing it up!

 I NEED THIS DRESS.... but can't find it any where... girl has my life's wants in this one picture. DAMN
 Loves this skirt, so cute right?
Pattern with some bright pants, once again if I could pull it off I 100% would but this is something that big bum mums can't always do. SOO create the goal to do it post pregnancy YES!

4. Last but not least... scarves. Belts and scarves and comfort are all tied for #1 style thing for me now a days. Bright colours or keeping it simple, they are all great, and bonus if you can find cotton scarves that feel like a cozy sweat shirt on your face :) I think scarves are essential for everyday life so invest people!! 

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