Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make a gloomy day brighter

Let me tell you that all those people that talk about S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) are not full of c.r.a.p! I totally find myself in a blah mood when I wake up in the morning and there's grey clouds as far as the eye can see and it's all gloomy and cold and yucky. Don't get me wrong, I love a rainy day when you're sitting inside, watching classic movies, cuddled up close, got some yummy snacks and listening to the rain... but I'm talking about those days that you actually want to be outside but its so cold and rainy and shit that you can't be bothered. Yesterday was that day. I disliked every minute of it (except for the extra long cuddle in the morning because Wayne and I both knew it was going to be a loooong day). One fun thing we did yesterday, and maybe you'll get a giggle out of this one, we went to Radio Shack and bought old school bunny ear antennas to catch free digital cable (because we don't believe in spending $60+ a month on useless tv when you can get most of your fave shows online FO FREE Y'ALL!). Wayne's idea to get the $80 antenna and we now have about 14 channels... I haven't decided yet if it's worth $80 for useless tv channels that we probably don't watch, but that's the great thing about having 30 days to return them! Holla sistaaa. We also got to enjoy the Sens vs. New York Rangers game LIVE... in our house... in our pjs... it was great!! Which by the way, I can't help but brag about this physic ability I must have... At 1:15 left in the game the Rangers pull their goalie and I say "OH well the sens will score on an open net for sure!" and at :58 SECONDS left to go what do those amazing boys do but SCORE ON AN OPEN NET!!! Now I'm not a huge hockey watching obsessed kinda girl here but that is some game call am-I-right?! 

Today is a little brighter, as you can see in my 36 week photo shoot below. BUT still quite chilly and yucky feeling, so this morning we treated ourselves to a Mill St Brewery and Pub breakfast (which was decently good, nice view most of all), and enjoyed the ease of not having a little one to tote around quite yet! (Though he is moving and shaking around in there like its a party!) I've figured out that on days when it's gloomy I wear bright colours and that cheers me right up! Today, baby blue for the little one inside, because of course I'm attracted to anything blue now (where as I used to hate the colour all together!). A style pointer that I forgot in my "Style that drives me wild" post is the power of a lace tank... I LOVE how precious a big ol belly looks with lace over a coloured tank. So cute and dainty looking agreed?? I've got one tank from Walmart for $9 that I wear all the time and also a cute dress (that is a top for me) that I got from Urban behaviour for $16 that looks just darling over the big belly... or at least I think so!

That's all for this weekend, Wayne is leaving for a work trip to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan... whoopie right? It will be my first time being alone while pregnant (usually my mom visits, but this time she's getting ready for her big move to the city to be closer to me and this little babe!! I CANT WAIT! so she's off the hook for now) and I'm a little nervous about going into labour when he's not here and not knowing what on earth to do. LUCKILY my best friend Megan has finally returned from an amazing adventure down under (Aussie land you silly goofs) and we will be spending the day tomorrow figuring out baby shower stuff! I will be keeping my legs crossed for now, but next week it's pineapple, spicy food, and squats all day long because I am ready to stop growing and have a normal-ish body again! (I know I should want him to grow to 40 weeks but I'm so tired of wearing stretchy cotton pants and sandals because everything about my body is so darn big! I want shorts and dresses to fit and for a beautiful summer to come back into my life!!!)

 36 bumpin weeks!
Can you tell this is my favourite scarf? Vinyassa scarf from lululemon, running luon just SO soft against my cheeks I love it! It's also a neutral grey stripe so it goes with most everything! Little jean jacket action to keep it chic and we're set for breakfast!
What a handsome fellow at the Mill St Brewery and Pub. 
 Look at that cutie!! Don't you just love her already?!

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